By Greg Niemi . March 26, 2013

This blog is to share with you the best time management tool that has ever worked for me.  And, I know, this tool will also work wonders for you. 

Not Now Blog Featured ImageSearching for the ultimate time management tool is like searching for the Holy Grail.  The search is elusive.  Many have tried and many have failed.  In fact, I would suggest many have wasted too much time searching for the perfect tool.   

You and I have seen that different people utilize a variety of different time management tools and techniques (e.g., written to do lists, post it notes, personal organizers, electronic task lists, ABC priority methods and more).  

Apparently one method doesn’t fit all nor does it need to.  It is different strokes for different folks. 

Those that know me also know I’m somewhat of a planning fanatic.  I have long term vision boards, 3 to 5 year strategic plans, annual operating plans, quarterly objectives, weekly to do lists and a daily top 5 list.  This regimen has been good for me.  Writing goals and plans helps me hold myself accountable to stay on task.  However, my planning regimen is still not the best time management tool I wanted to share with you. 

The best time management tool, that has ever worked for me, is to know it is absolutely okay to say “not now”.  This is a time saver. 

We know we all have exactly the same amount of time.  It is how we use our time which differentiates us.  We all are in the middle of a tornado with opportunities and activities swirling around us and calling out for our precious time and attention.  Our challenge is to retain our focus.  

Often we simply do not have remaining bandwidth for the latest new idea, suggestion, innovation, meeting, book to read, activity, etc.  That is okay.  And to relieve this pressure know it is okay to say “NOT NOW”.  It does not mean never ever – it just means not now. 

Saying “not now” frees up precious time.  Can you feel the pressure start to relieve itself the moment you say “not now”?  Ahhhh. 

These two words have worked wonders for me and they will for you too.   Please  know that though you said “not now” it doesn’t mean you pitched the idea forever.  It simply means not now.  Save those new suggestions for a future day. 

I challenge you to say “not now” to something today to enable you to remain focused on what needs to be the highest priorities of your day today. 

Later :-)!

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