By Greg Niemi . January 31, 2013

It is a documented fact that those who surround themselves with others (e.g., peer groups, boards, master mind groups or professional organizations) experience far greater business results than those who do not.  Why?

Gavel, Advisory Boards, Board of DirectorsIs this fact because of the group they belong to or is this because of the individual themself?  The answer to this question is yes, both.

Those that surround themselves with others are, to begin with, more inclined to hold themselves accountable.  Truth is, the only one that really can hold you accountable is the person in mirror.  YOU!

Yet, it is extremely beneficial to have outside input to help us achieve our goals.  Advisory groups bring to us a flow of ideas and construct.  And, most often, advisory groups provide oversight and not control over our operations.  This is good.  Control is best left in the leader’s hands (provided the leader is the right leader).

This blog is to launch a series of short blogs on the topic of boards.  Why to have them, what makes them work, how to structure and so much more.

I welcome any questions may have regarding boards in the comment section below or by emailing me separately at greg@niemitrust.com.

Thank you.

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