When Is It Right To Micromanage?

By Greg Niemi . June 5, 2013

To micromanage is a management style whereby a manager closely observes and controls the work of their subordinates. 

My question to you is when is the right time to micro-manage an employee? 

Please provide your response to this question by posting your comments directly to my blogsite. 

It has been my practice to always ask new hires during our one-to-one orientation meeting how do they like to be managed.  I would also ask how they do not want to be managed. 

Invariably, the number one answer I would get to the second question is they do not like to be micromanaged.  However, is there a right time? 

Rather than render my opinion I would like you to chime in with yours to the question of when is the right time to micro-manage an employee? 

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this whether you are a business leader, a manager or an employee.  I thank you in advance.  


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