What Leaders Are Supposed To Do

By Greg Niemi . April 24, 2014


What are leader’s supposed to do.  In a nutshell – lead, provide direction – to be “heads up” on the look out over the horizon for opportunities and obstacles which are ahead?

The following was presented at an event sponsored by Modern Survey on the state of employee engagement.Effective Leadership (In Blog Image)

What leaders are supposed to do © :

  1. Orchestrate the Vision (Goals, Strategies, Mission, Values)
  2. Set the Tone and Culture
  3. Structure and Staff the Organization
  4. Orchestrate the annual Plan
  5. Allocate Resources
  6. Monitor and Measure Progress and Results
  7. Manage Conflicts and Deliver Consequences
  8. Develop the next generation of leaders

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Permission to share this information was provided by Mr. Eichinger.  Bob Eichinger is a behavioral scientist and thought leader who has extensively studied the connection between the neuroscience of the brain and effective leadership.  He is a retained advisor to one of the world’s largest executive placement firms.

Quite clearly, from my leadership experience and Bob’s research, we agree that job number 1 for a leader is to inspire others – to incite and excite – to provoke and arouse others into action by sharing a compelling vision of the future.  Having a vision and sharing the vision is also very fun for the leader to do.

Spend just one day with me and we’ll map out your vision and plan for the next three years.  I promise we have a productive and enlightening day.

Greg Niemi

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