What Has Greg Niemi Been Doing?

By Greg Niemi . November 14, 2012

By far the most common question I get is “what have you been doing and what do you plan to do next?”

First allow me to say all has been extremely good.  All has been very healthy for my mind, body and spirit.

For the first months my focus was on my dad.  It was a blessing that I could be with him in his final months, days and hours.  Next, I turned the attention to myself.  To do many things I wanted, such as; readings, listenings, healthy activities and more.  And, third, I turned my attention to what it is that I wanted to do next.

It would come as no surprise to most that I have a plan.  My desire is to do just a few exclusive gigs as a business advisor, a board member and content developer on topics that are in my expertise – I even wrote a book which will be released soon.

I have experienced great success as a business leader in my 30+ career in business.  I have a lot to share so I invite you to scroll through and follow my blogs to gain insights and ideas that will be beneficial to you and your business.

Please do me the favor of passing along my blog site to just one other business leader you know would also benefit from my expertise.  Thank you!

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