By Greg Niemi . August 25, 2015

I wanted to share with you something I feel really good about.  It’s an idea I borrowed from one of brother’s best friends.

About a year ago Dave had posted on Facebook that he was going to go out and have a couple beers with a couple of his friends.  He extended the invitation to other friends on Facebook and a few did join in.

As it turns out Dave went to visit John and Dave, two of his best friends, who had passed away long before their time.  Ever since I saw that post I vowed I would adopt this ritual.  I finally did, and that is what I feel really good about.

Judith Blanche Yeschek

Just over a week ago I went to visit Judy who is one of my dearest friends and classmates.  Just before dusk I picked some wild flowers, lit a few tea light candles, pulled up a lawn chair and cracked open a couple beers.

Gosh there is more I could say yet we’ll skip the details.  It just felt so good to be there with her.  I could feel her presence and I’m sure she could feel mine too.  I will be back next year and I will now do this with others too.

I wanted to share this idea of Dave’s.  Thank you David.  What a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone near and dear to you.  Please press share to share this idea with your friends and colleagues.

We miss you Judy.  Love you.  Forever.  Peace.

Greg Niemi

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