By Greg Niemi . January 11, 2013

Having struggles articulating your Vision?  This blog is sure to help.  Below are sure fire tips to simplify your visioning process.

There are a variety of ways to tap into your vision.  A good place to start is to revisit your 3 year plan (I like a shorter term vision).  What will your business and your life, including the lives of those around you, look like in 3 years?   Imagine and be somewhat of an idealist.  What would make you smile?  What are the biggest hurdles (or opportunities) you have today which are standing in the way of these goals?  And then identify what is needed to overcome these?

Next step is to write all of the above down on separate post-it notes.  Place these post-it notes into a logical sequence and then group those post-its into 3 year columns.  Sleep on this for a few days, even a week or so, to incubate.  Additional ideas will surely come to mind once this vision process is started.

Next convert those words into simple images.  Use Google images to spark ideas for images.  I then challenge you to add some sizzle to embellish your thoughts, words and images to spin all into a compelling story.  Use the power of inner desire to aspire and inspire others.  What will excite and incite others into action?

Now it will be easy to plot your thoughts on a roadmap – a hand drawn map is fine (or use PowerPoint or other drawing software if you wish).

Start by drawing a backwards “S” (flipped horizontally or vertically) on a piece of paper. Vision Simplified See my illustration.

The first leg of the S is year 1 (2013), the middle section is year 2 (2014) and the last leg is year 3 (2015).  This is now the path, or roadmap, between your present state and your near term desired destination.

Make the journey exciting by placing your images on and along this path (in the sequence you outlined).  Throw in a couple detours if you wish.  Add additional points of interest and mile markers to refine further.  You may want to sleep on this too before you draw your final version of the roadmap.  Script your story separately as needed.

Voila!  You now have a Vision Roadmap on a single page which you can use over and over again to articulate your vision to employees, customers and/or key stakeholders.  Have fun creating your shared vision.  Keep vision on the big picture and do not sweat the small stuff.  Be a great story teller to bring to life.

Save any details for annual operating plans.  Your vision should focus on the what can be” and leave the “how to” for others to execute.  Delegate and empower others to transform this shared vision into reality.  Enjoy the journey.

Please let me know if this was helpful to you?  Your comments are appreciated.  Please post any comments or questions below and I will respond to you.

The Niemi Trust ™ would be happy to help you build a roadmap for your business and your life.

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