By Greg Niemi . December 5, 2012

Niemi Trust Logo in 4 colorWhen hiring a business advisor you want a partner you can Trust.  Trust with a capital T.  Period and exclamation point!

You want a business advisor who will be on your side of the table.  One who will watch out for you and the best interests of your business.  To help guide you.  An experienced guide that is also not afraid to ask the questions to challenge you.

That is the Niemi Trust.  To be your most trusted business advisor.  One who is on your side of the court and your side of the table.  When creating the entity to go about my new business it was easy to select my identity.  The name of my business is quite simply my name, Niemi, coupled with the word Trust.

Trust is a very important word to all of us.  Trust is both a noun and a verb.  A noun meaning a place we place our trust and a verb being the action of being trusted.  Mostly, to me, trust is a virtue.  It is my virtue to be your most trusted business advisor.  This is my brand.  My name.  My promise.  Solid.  Simple.  Concise.

I would be honored to help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.  I promise the Niemi Trust will dive deep to understand your needs to bring to you all the business knowledge I have had the fortune to gain from my family, education, employment and leadership experiences AND to earn your Trust with a capital T.


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