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By Greg Niemi . October 7, 2014

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“The most successful organizations will be those with leaders who can create a compelling vision and can convey it to others [e.g., customers, employees and other stakeholders]”.

This has been cited as the single most important capability needed in the emerging generation of leaders according to the 2014 Trends in Executive Development.

Unfortunately, this report also reported that this capability as one of the most lacking in the next generation of leaders.

Creating a Vision, effectively communicating that Vision and engaging your employees to embrace (and execute) the Vision are all critical to success – whether you are a large company or a very small one.  We all desire to work for leaders who have a vision for the organization.

Quite simply, employees want to be part of an organization that is headed somewhere promising and has a plan to get there.  Certainly there are lots of details to execution of strategy however it all begins with setting the direction; the Vision for your organization.

Visual Roadmap Workshop ToolkitGot Vision?   Do you have your vision and strategy set for the next 3 to 5 years?  You can create your vision yourself or you can engage others to help you do it.  My promise is spend just one day with me and we’ll map out your vision and action plan for the next three years.

I am so passionate about the topic of Vision because I have experienced firsthand the amazing results of creating and communicating vision.  It is my mission to influence leaders to tap into the power of their Vision.  It is not difficult to do.  Please just do it.

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