By Greg Niemi . December 13, 2016


My wish for everyone is to enjoy the true spirit of the holidays – the spirit of kindness and gratitude.  To be grateful for all that we have; our friends, our family, the roof over our head, that we’re alive and able to enjoy the pure awe of this beautiful world around us.

The holiday season is also a time for giving.  To play it forward by giving to those less fortunate and/or to support causes which are near and dear to us.  It just feels good :-).

What I know, in actuality, is most everyone gives in many more ways than we sometimes take pause to recognize.  Please take a moment to take this pause to think of the many ways and causes you support with your very precious time, money, service, events or whatever.  Volunteerism, in and of itself, makes the world go around.

The Spirit of Kindness & Gratitude + Giving Back

Image from chapter in my book about Giving

I did this as well.  In 2016, there were 14 specific causes I supported in some form or fashion with 4 fairly common denominators; Veterans, Careers in the Trades, Cancer Research & Snowmobiling.  Certainly, there were a few other odds and ends too, very good odds and ends if I might add.

When I first drafted this article, I had listed below the causes I chose to support through my business NIEMI TRUST Foundation.  And, then I decided, it may not matter to you what they are.  What matters most, are the causes that are important to YOU.   

I also know our time and our money is limited and we must use it wisely to the best of our means.  In fact, I advocate it is AOK to be selective and planned with our giving*.

I THANK YOU for making the choices you make to give back and pay it forward.  Wishing you the happiest of holidays and for a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Greg Niemi

* p.s., We need to be selective and planned because we each only have so much time and money.  Truth be told, we all give more in some years than other years because we have more to give.  That is just the way discretionary time and income works.  It is okay that we use our own discretion to tithe our own time and money in our own way.  I am confident we all do the best we can.  Thank you.

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