By Greg Niemi . March 12, 2017

We all know those few special people who would do most anything for anyone.  If there is a need, they are at the ones at the front of the line to help out.  The kind that seem to give more than they may actually have to give.  But, they do it anyway.  I’m sure a few names of people you know are already surfacing in your mind.

Please do me a favor and read on, click the like button, share a story of your own, share this link and if you would be so kind, consider making a small donation to help out a couple of very special angels who are dear to so many.Doug & Gwen Thompson

I have now known Gwen for 35+ years.  Yikes, I was even surprised when I wrote this.  I met Gwen and Doug shortly after I moved to the Twin Cities.   They immediately welcomed me into their large circle of friends and are two of the nicest people one could ever meet.

Gwen and Doug are the first to greet a stranger, plan a party just for the sake of it, buy a raffle ticket or volunteer to support a cause or open their doors to someone in need.  It is absolutely amazing.  And everything they do, and I mean everything they do, is big and fun.  Everything is an EVENT.

Unfortunately, last month, Gwen was diagnosed with liver cancer.  The situation they are now thrown into is not very good.  This is how cancer can be so unfair.  Why Gwen?  Cancer does not discriminate.  It inflicts the healthy, the strong, the young, the kind and so many more.  Yet, with this said, I know Gwen and Doug will keep a healthy perspective and would never ask for help.  So, I am.

But first, I would like to invite everyone to share a story and share this post.  If the story is about Gwen and Doug, please tag Doug Gwen Thompson.  Or, share a story about someone else who is so kind in your life and tag them.  I just know there are more stories out there than I can fathom and I want to hear them.  It will help us all.Gwen & Doug Thompson

Of the many stories, I will share one about a party at their house.  Imagine that.  Wendy and I were newly dating.  She had come to the cities to visit.  This is the first time she is going to meet Gwen and Doug and so many others.  It was a pajama party, and I convinced Wendy all would be fun.

We get to their house and the street was lined with cars and the house was jam packed.  The sound of fun is booming out the walls.  We just march right in and immediately learn we are the only two in pajamas.  I am dead, the joke is on us.

Wendy was not only the “new” person that nobody knew but she is also there in her pajamas.  Nothing like drawing a little attention.   Nevertheless, Wendy gets to meet a lot of great people fast and was welcomed into Gwen and Doug’s home and circle of friends in a very special and memorable way.

I always think of this story when I think of Wendy’s introduction to Gwen and Doug.  I have yet to repay the friend who told me it was a pajama party.  Maybe this summer, Bill!

There are countless stories I could tell, but I will let YOU take it from here.  I want to hear yours.  Please share your story and share this link.  Tag Doug Gwen Thompson so Gwen and Doug see them all.  And, if about some other special people, tag them in your story too.

The best way we can ever give back to angels like them is to share the love and impact they have made on us.  We can each do this in our own individual way.  Beyond this, there are 3 ways we can help Gwen and Doug:

+ Enjoy a meal at the Dugout Bar & Grill in Mahtomedi, owned by Gwen’s sister Deb, and 7% of your food tab during the month of March will be donated to Gwen and Doug (Dugout Food  Proceeds).

+ Attend the fundraiser being planned for April 30th also at the Dugout Bar & Grill.  There will be all sorts of games, raffles, food and fun (Fundraising Event).

+ And / or, make a donation to their Go Fund Me site.  I challenge us all to up the ante an added $10.

If you weren’t going to donate or don’t even know Gwen or Doug I ask that you find a way to ante up $10.  If you were going to donate $25, please ante it up to $35.  If $50, then make it $60.  If $100, make it $110.

This added ante up of $10 will make a huge difference (Go Fund Me).

Most importantly, please include Gwen and Doug Thompson in your thoughts and prayers.  They are truly angels who are two of the kindest people you will ever meet.

With all my love OX,

Greg Niemi

p.s., how many couples do you know that have the same Facebook page?  Doug Gwen Thompson are the first I have ever seen.

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