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  The speech by Dr. Martin Luther King we remember is “I have a Dream”, not “I have a plan” according to leadership expert Mr. Simon Sinek. I couldn’t agree more.  As I work with business leaders and owners I help

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Trends In Executive Leadership

“The most successful organizations will be those with leaders who can create a compelling vision and can convey it to others [e.g., customers, employees and other stakeholders]”. This has been cited as the single most important capability needed in the

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Got Vision? Need Help Telling Your Story?

A visual roadmap is a powerful tool to help you tell your story, to articulate your vision clearly, to get all of your employees and key stakeholders on board and excited about the future of your organization.  Nothing is more

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Having struggles articulating your Vision?  This blog is sure to help.  Below are sure fire tips to simplify your visioning process. There are a variety of ways to tap into your vision.  A good place to start is to revisit

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