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Who Believed In You?

  If you are like me it is highly probable that your success was enabled by somebody or a number of people along the way. Here is my challenge to you (and to myself):  to take a moment over the

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A Time For Gratitude & Thanksgiving

  It was one year ago when I introduced my new venture the NIEMI TRUST® along with the launch of my new website www.niemitrust.com.   I write this blog to express my deepest gratitude to all who have supported me in

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Giving Back To Pay It Forward

Quick pitch for us to carefully select our causes, choose the ways and budget the amounts we wish to give whether a gift of our time, money or special talents.  What does giving have to do with business; a lot!!! 

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The Power of Image- The Magic Pill ©

The Magic Pill ©is written in an anecdotal, fable-like, format and is set in a mythical town known as The Village.  Each chapter begins with a short story followed by a practical lesson to implement.  Throughout The Village we observe

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Small Business Owners More Optimistic

Small business owners’ optimism lagged the wave of optimism shown earlier by leaders of most large and mid-sized businesses.  There are several reasons for this more recent optimism by small business owners.    One of the first places to look is

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If S&P is up, why am I down?

The S&P 500 is on its way to another new high.  As I publish this the index is at 1,572.  This would be the third time in recent days that the index has marched far past the lows of the

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