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“Small” Businesses Are The Backbone Of Our …

  Small business owners may not be viewed as the pillar of our society but they are the bedrock of our communities.   There can be no debate that every business once started out small.  What is debated is what constitutes

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Who’s Your 2nd In Command?

Great leaders commonly have an extremely strong 2nd in command – someone who’s got their back along with the best interests of the company in mind. I have observed and helped hundreds, if not thousands, of companies over my career. 

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When hiring a business advisor you want a partner you can Trust.  Trust with a capital T.  Period and exclamation point! You want a business advisor who will be on your side of the table.  One who will watch out

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The Man Behind My Mission

My dad, and my mom, were both business owners of their own independent businesses. I learned more from them than I even know.  Thus I feel it appropriate to share a few things. My parents each owned, and operated, their

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What Has Greg Niemi Been Doing?

By far the most common question I get is “what have you been doing and what do you plan to do next?” First allow me to say all has been extremely good.  All has been very healthy for my mind, body

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