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20+ Leadership Best Practices In 4 Workshops

A friendly reminder that my Leadership Transformation Workshop series launches this Wednesday, October 14th. During this 4 part workshop series I deliver well over twenty proven Leadership Best Practices. There are a few spots remaining and I would recommend getting yours now.

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Pay Attention to Your Scale

  How are you progressing with your resolutions (and goals) for 2014?  Are you on your plan?  And, are you measuring against your plan – both the activities and the results? These are simple yet very powerful questions. A.  If

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Should You Have A Contingency Plan?

  If you have a written contingency plan no need to read any further.  If you don’t; read on. Why Have A Written Contingency Plan?  Because stuff happens.  You know this.  Thus it is best we fess up to this

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Pricing & Profitability – The Magic Pill ©

We now pick up in chapter 5 where Bill is about to learn some valuable lessons about pricing and profitability from his brother Bob.  Bill has the big education and the big job in the big city.  Whereas, brother Bob

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Need Money, Think Like A Banker

Do you need to refinance, restructure debt or get a new loan?  Then follow these three steps to think like a banker to obtain the financing you need. To cut to the quick you will need to be clear about 1)

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You’re the consultant.  You’ve been brought in by the leadership of the company to help turn their business around.  What follows is the situation.  In a nutshell, the business is strapped on several fronts.  The profits are minuscule, cash is

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What is the number one thing most turnaround experts do [to begin] to right a fledgling business?  This blog gives you that answer absolutely free of charge.  What would a turnaround expert most likely do if they were to come

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