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“Small” Businesses Are The Backbone Of Our …

  Small business owners may not be viewed as the pillar of our society but they are the bedrock of our communities.   There can be no debate that every business once started out small.  What is debated is what constitutes

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Should You Have A Contingency Plan?

  If you have a written contingency plan no need to read any further.  If you don’t; read on. Why Have A Written Contingency Plan?  Because stuff happens.  You know this.  Thus it is best we fess up to this

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When Is It Right To Micromanage?

To micromanage is a management style whereby a manager closely observes and controls the work of their subordinates.  My question to you is when is the right time to micro-manage an employee?  Please provide your response to this question by

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You’re the consultant.  You’ve been brought in by the leadership of the company to help turn their business around.  What follows is the situation.  In a nutshell, the business is strapped on several fronts.  The profits are minuscule, cash is

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What is the number one thing most turnaround experts do [to begin] to right a fledgling business?  This blog gives you that answer absolutely free of charge.  What would a turnaround expert most likely do if they were to come

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The best rule of thumb for how to hire the very best business advisor, guide, consultant or personal coach.  I will begin with a personal story to illustrate. Many know that one of my favorite hobbies is to snowmobile.  I

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