By Greg Niemi . April 6, 2016

The difference between a star performer and a mediocre one is their ability, or the time it takes, to recover.  The faster the better.

This is true whether you are an actor, an athlete, a parent, a child, a business leader, an employee, a spouse, a friend and true for everyone in just about every circumstance.   This is particularly difficult when dealing with a feeling of personal loss because it hurts.Stay Calm & Move On

Let’s use sales as an example.  Sales professionals deal with a lot of rejection.  A good conversion rate is commonly 25%.  1 out of 4, which means they’re being rejected 75% of the time.  Great sales professionals, like star athletes, are able to flush it and move on.

Much is written about change and resiliency yet little given to us for solutions.  What we all know is that we must come to acceptance yet the time that it takes to bounce back is so different for different people.  Why?  The difference is our ability to let go.

It is natural that we want things to go exactly the way we would like. Yet, the reality is, we do not have control over all the circumstances as we wish.  I am not suggesting to be cavalier or laissez faire and that everything will turn out to be okay.

I do believe in being very driven and deliberate.  But, when it doesn’t go according to plan, it is best that we do not cling on to or wallow in what went wrong.  If we do, the only person we are hurting or sabotaging is ourselves (and draining those around us).

A better approach is to discern and learn from the situation, forgive ourselves and others, let go, take a deep breath, develop our plan B, stay calm and move forward as rapidly as possible.

Cheering you onto much success, peace and happiness.  SMILE.

Greg Niemi

p.s., quick footnote:  It is okay to have a down day or moment.  To be sad or get mad.  It is natural.  We just can’t stay there.  How we react and how quickly we recover is the difference.  We’ve all been there, none of us are alone in having experienced this.

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