By Greg Niemi . March 19, 2015

As we look forward to the first day of Spring I can’t help but look forward to what lies ahead this year in the months ahead.  Specifically the people I will connect with and the impact we may have on each other.

What I know is that I truly enjoy being a calming force to others, in the midst of their storm, by slowing things down to help bring matters into focus (perspective) and gain clarity on the situation.  Coaching entrepreneurs and emerging leaders is my forte and my purpose.Spring Ahead: Two Things to Spring Ahead

Spring further reminds me of blossoms, renewal and growth.  Which is what moved me to write about TWO FUNDAMENTALS WE CAN DO TODAY TO SPRING AHEAD:

First, Be a good listener.  Put yourself in your customers’ or employees’ shoes.  Listen.  Respond with understanding and encouragement.  Appeal to desired outcomes.  Praise progress and improvement, and collaborate on goals and opportunities for further improvement.

Second, Be a good example.  Look in the mirror.  Criticize yourself before you criticize others.  Be a role model.  Be a positive beam of light to bring out the very best in others (and yourself).  Walk on the sunny side of the street, have faith, bet on people and lead.

Those are two easy steps WE can do today, and every day, to spring ahead.  Yes, we sometimes slip backwards and that is natural.  Spring is a time for renewal and growth.  We just need to keep looking forward.

Personally, I prefer to be a healthy construct, not a harsh critic.  To be part of the building crew and not part of the wrecking crew.  To throw myself into the corner of business leader yet have the resolve, and tact, to bring into the daylight what needs to be dealt with in a very positive, constructive and supportive way.

Below my signature I added a few BONUS thoughts.  I encourage you to read on.  My best to you for the seasons, days and months ahead.

Have a terrific day!

Greg Niemi

Business Leader


p.s., on a more personal note I wanted to share with you one of my daily affirmations which is relevant to the above:

“It is easy for me to be a positive beam of light, a tractor beam, to discover and bring out the very best in others”

What you can see in this affirmation is it is not all about me, it is about them.  To show a genuine interest in others.  I grow and become better by bringing out the best in others.

What I have found is that if you take a personal interest in others it is amazing what you will learn and what you will accomplish (you will discover what they know that we don’t know).  I believe we can learn something from anybody and everybody.

I hope this affirmation doesn’t come across as too fluffy but I truly believe we need to CARE for people while taking CARE of business.  These are words I live my life by.

Leadership, Optimism, Believe in People

It is a beautiful spring day here in Minnesota.  I am now going to put on my rose-colored sunglasses, take a step outside and look forward to what lies ahead.

Thank you for reading on to this point.  If you like what I had to say please do SHARE this with others.  Thank you!


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