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By Greg Niemi . November 16, 2013
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Small business owners may not be viewed as the pillar of our society but they are the bedrock of our communities.  

There can be no debate that every business once started out small.  What is debated is what constitutes a “small” business, are they: 

Home Based

Single Shingles or Solopreneurs

Mom & Pop,  Family Owned or Closely Held

Main Street Retailers

Service Companies (Residential or Commercial)

Private Practices:  Attorneys, Doctors, Accountants, Consultants, etc.

Sole proprietorships, partnerships or limited liability corporations


Or are small businesses those defined as those who have:


<   50  employees

< 100  employees

<   $ 1 million in sales

< $ 10 million in sales

<$100 million in sales 

I suspect the above has triggered you to think of the huge variety of small businesses doing business around you and that many “small” businesses may actually be larger than we first thought. 

Small businesses are nimble, prudent, innovative, service orientated, customer friendly and so much more. 

What is also known is that small businesses make up a huge portion of our overall economy, employment and tax base. 

Most money spent with a small business is rolled over right back into local economy.  In my opinion, everyday should be small business Saturday.  

We need to remain loyal to those businesses who serve our communities.  Yet it is also our right for us to expect them to evolve and grow their capabilities to better serve us. 

I established NIEMI TRUST as my next step to help more small businesses excel.  I do this as an author, business advisor, board member and/or speaker to a few select clients at a time.  

I have a practical, accountable leadership approach coupled with years of successful experience building companies and high performance teams. 

“I appreciate your wisdom and poignant questions.  Your consult provided great clarity on the next steps for me” – KF 

Please visit my website to learn how I can be of service to your business or to someone you may know.  Plus see what others also have had to say kudos. 

At the same time let’s shop local whenever we have the choice and remain loyal to the businesses that serve our communities.  

Greg Niemi 

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