Where do you go for business advice and support? You need someone who will watch out for your
top priorities and your bottom line...someone with a sterling reputation.

The Niemi Trust name implies reputation, reliability, and the credibility of one's word. These are all
founding principles of this high performance company that would be honored to help you succeed.

Business Advisor

Niemi Trust will help you have the high performance organization that you desire.

Greg Niemi will share with you the best of practices that put him at the very top of his business and industry. He will take the time to immerse himself in your business, to understand your needs and be your most trusted and valued business adviser.

Greg specializes in closely-held service companies, whether a start-up or an established business, in a growth phase or in need of turnaround.

He will bring his talent to only a few select clients each year.

His focus is on vision, leadership and building high performance teams within an ideal culture. His genius is clarity by simplifying the complicated.


Turn to the leader who will help you lead.

Board of Directors

Niemi Trust would be an asset to your board of directors / advisors or help you create one.

Greg Niemi will bring his wealth of experience into your boardroom to help provide guidance to you and your business. Additionally, he will help you to create and structure a highly functioning board of advisors for your company.

Greg has served on the boards of for-profit and non-profit corporations. He has also been the business leader reporting to boards. He has been on both sides of the board table.

He will bring to you the insight of a CEO along with the financial acumen of a CFO to help you focus on both the top line and bottom line (plus everything in between). Great success yields great satisfaction to all stakeholders.

Stoke your leadership with a talented director.

Content Development

Niemi Trust will create for you the customized content that you need for your business.

Greg Niemi will share with you, based on his wealth of experience, some of the very best of (and worst of) practices – the dos and don’ts – in a variety of areas of expertise. He knows leaders need meaty, yet pragmatic, templates for success they can implement.

Greg’s areas of business expertise are broad and deep from more than 30 years of business and leadership experience. He will deliver this either as a consultation or in a written form.

His areas of content expertise include vision, belief, ethics, accountability, people management, performance management, strategic planning, board governance and more. What initiative are you working on?

Move your business ahead with a roadmap.