By Greg Niemi . May 5, 2015

Every year our president issues a proclamation for Small Business Week to recognize the many contributions of our small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Small businesses have a huge impact on our communities, society and national economy.  Small businesses make up the biggest share of the service sector.  And the service sector is creating jobs and new opportunities at a record pace. Small Business Huge Impact

What we know is all businesses started small at one time thanks to their founders’ chutzpah and entrepreneurial spirit.  Some may remain small by design or market demographics while others have grown even beyond their wildest of dreams.

What I know is there are oh so many gems in business which we may not see towering in a city skyline.  They are the quiet successes next door in the office space and industrial parks nearby.  And many small businesses are not as small as one may think.

I want to be sure I say thank you to all our small business entrepreneurs and owners.  I remain in awe of your stories from start-up to success and your fortitude to weather the bumps in between.

I also want to thank my parents who were the first, as small business owners, who taught me the importance of business, customer service and caring for people.

It is my pleasure and privilege to work with business owners of so many different types and sizes.  I love the business of business; to be able share with other business owners the best practices I have learned from my career with two world-class companies – one large and one small.

Please join me in saluting all of our small business owners and entrepreneurs during National Small Business Week. 

Greg Niemi


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