By Greg Niemi . November 25, 2014


I know I am not alone with the feeling that Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday of all.

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude; a time to be grateful for what we have in our lives versus what we don’t.Happy Anniversary & Happy Thanksgiving

It is a holiday that is not over-commercialized nor overfilled with stress.  It is a holiday to take pause, enjoy a nice meal and a time to reflect on all we are grateful for.

A few of the things I am grateful for this year are:

My health. What we know is we cannot enjoy anything in life if we first do not have our health.  And, I know many my age are dealing with health issues of ageing parents and/or other close ones.  One of my dearest friends is in the midst of a battle and I’m grateful for what I, and so many others, are doing to help.

My work. This is my second anniversary as a solopreneuer with my business NIEMI TRUST.  I’m fortunate that I’m able help others as a trusted business advisor, leadership coach and/or board member among so many other things.  I have the most wonderful customers and I thank you for your trust and belief in me.

My colleagues. I’m so grateful for all who the people who have believed in me in my past, my present and those I look forward to meeting yet in the days and years ahead.   I am grateful for all the introductions I have been given by, and to, so many talented people as I expand my personal and professional network.

My family.  I am so blessed to have a close knit family that is without drama and dysfunction.  We are a truly loving family that really cares for each other.  We will be apart this Thanksgiving yet I know we’re together in heart and will phone each other to wish a Happy Thanksgiving.

There is more I am thankful for but I desire to keep this brief for you.  I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and I am grateful to YOU for all your support.

Thank you

Greg Niemi

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