What does this have to do with Niemi Trust? Well, according to founder Greg Niemi...a lot.

You see, Greg loves recreational and motorsports. He was raised around cars,
boats and snowmobiles, so it's natural for him to draw parallels between his passion
for high performance in sport and in business.

How are you driving your business? Is your team of business partners, staff and Board of Directors
reaching their highest level of performance? Do you share a common vision, have clear
expectations, accountability and a common goal to be at the top of your game?

Driving your business is really like driving a high performance machine

  • You need to take the wheel and drive
  • Maintain it well and you will enjoy many returns
  • A driver can’t succeed without a winning team
  • Everyone must play their position
  • It’s important to stay on track
  • Passion contributes to performance
  • You want the journey to be simple and error-free
  • Pit stops are essential when running at 100+ miles an hour
  • Your goal is to reach the finish line as the winner (and do it over and over again)
  • You’ve got to love achieving, winning, and setting records

Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the journey.

We can help make sure your personal and business engine is well tuned for phenomenal handling, make sure you enjoy the adrenaline rush of the ride and the spirit of winning. Niemi Trust will help you do that.

Take the wheel and steer yourself to our door. Call or email today.