Media Crisis

By Greg Niemi . October 9, 2013

It would strike fear into most business leaders, world leaders or other public figures the moment they learned that the former Mike Wallace of CBS 60 Minutes has called and asked for an interview.In Article  

What would you do if 60 Minutes, the Attorney General’s office, your local media or the BBB called in to your office for an interview to question your business practices?  Would you be prepared to respond? 

Having a Media Crisis plan will help you protect the image of your company when under stress of a media investigation.  Your plan will designate who is authorized to speak on behalf of the company.  Your plan will include key messages about your company, its business practices and ethics.  And, your plan outlines the actions your company will take to investigate and resolve complaints. 

It is also worth mentioning that November is a “book” or “sweeps” ratings month.  This is a month where news stations seek stories to increase their Nielson ratings.  During these times it is common for news reporters to target industries which serve consumers (e.g., consumer product liability, professional services, home repair, auto service, etc.). 

For more helpful tips please review this blog on Media Crisis Plans by CEL Public Relations a professional Public Relations and Marketing firm. 

I recommend you work with your PR & Marketing firm to develop your Media Crisis plan.  You may also want to consider having a professional Public Relations firm on retainer especially if you are engaged in an industry which provides products or services direct or indirect to consumers.

Most important, above all, is to maintain a high standard of business ethics and principles and to always take the high road when it comes to your business practices.   As we know, a great reputation is hard to build and easy to lose. 

This concludes my series of blogs on the importance of having Plan B response plans in place for: 

Having such response plans in place is mission critical to the continuity of your business operations.  Great leaders are prepared and maintain their resolve.  

Time and time again I have seen the greatest leaders emerge in the most difficult of times.  

Greg Niemi 

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