Life In The Cloud

By Greg Niemi . May 20, 2013

Remember when “to have your head in the clouds” meant that someone was seemingly unaware of everything going on around them.  Whereas, today, “life in the cloud” means somewhat of the opposite. 

To have your life in the cloud now means you are connected, in sync and mostly aware of all that is going on around in our wireless digital world. RSS Feed Icon 

Today we do so much on-line, such as; banking, shopping, on-line searching, gaming, streaming music, video calling, marketing, job hunting and so much more.  Life in the digital cloud is extremely empowering yet can be daunting for some.  

To say things have changed is an understatement.  Electronic mediums, including social media, are alive and well and are a force to be dealt with.  I got on board with social media, or became all the more convinced, when I saw governments being overthrown by revolutions launched on social mediums.  

This blog about Life in the Cloud is not about cloud computing per se (i.e., whether to have applications reside on your pc or server versus in the cloud).  This blog is advocating is to get connected to remain plugged in this hyper-connected world. 

On-line mediums are a great equalizer.  Or can be a great in-equalizer.  We all are on the same playing field – the world is indeed flat in this regard.  Information is now at our fingertips on smart phones, tablets, pods, pads, etc.  We all have equal access to information.  If you are self-motivated this all plays in your favor. 

Get on board with social media and other mediums in our digital world or be left behind.  It is better to have your head in the cloud than in the sand.  


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