If S&P is up, why am I down?

By Greg Niemi . April 2, 2013

The S&P 500 is on its way to another new high.  As I publish this the index is at 1,572.  This would be the third time in recent days that the index has marched far past the lows of the recent recession.  So if the S&P is up, why am I feeling so down?  

All we would have to do is look to global news, national news or our local current events and we can find plenty of reasons to be down.  For example . . . . urrppp, let’s scratch that thought right now!  Conversely, we can also look around us to find many positive signs on a whole number of fronts. Feeling Up

How we look at the world and each day has a huge impact on us (and those who are around us).  We get to decide each day whether today will be terrific or terrible.  Thus, we need to be cautious about what thoughts we allow to enter our mind because our thoughts do affect our actions and our outcomes. 

Not to say we don’t feel down now once in a while.  The important thing is what do we do when we are down?  When feeling down we need to look to the bright side.  To be grateful for the blessings we do have.  And to reach out to others to inject us, when we need it, with positive thoughts and stimuli.  We know it is best to surround ourselves with positive people and influences. 

Our beliefs affect our mind (our desire), our body (our health) and our spirit (our purpose for being).  We either attract or repel good things with our thoughts.  

Let’s smile and enjoy the journey.   Things are looking up.   Would you agree?

Please do have a terrific day :-). 


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