By Greg Niemi . December 19, 2012

Spirit of Season, Spirit of Kindness, Niemi TrustMy wish to my family, friends and colleagues is to enjoy the true spirit of the holiday season.  ‘Tis the spirit of the season for a Spirit of Kindness.

What I like about this time of year is most everyone is more kind, at least for a few days anyways.

What I also like is the word Spirit.  The word Spirit conjures up good emotions and has an inner energy in itself which emanates positivity.

You get and got the spirit:  Team Spirit.  Company Spirit.  Holiday Spirit.  Holy Spirit.  Kindred spirit.  And, there are so many more examples you and I could think of.

Spirit, by its Latin root, means to breath.  I would suggest all of humankind needs to breathe more.  To take a nice deep breath.  To exhale.  To just chill a bit.

There can be a tendency by many, myself included, to get all wound up over what’s ahead as we close out one year and round the corner into the next.  Instead what we need to do is take pause.  To breath.  To reflect.  Be grateful.  Believe in goodness.  Be positive and project our kindness onto others.

My further wish is that we all carry this spirit of kindness far beyond the holidays into our everyday lives.

Now on a brief tangent; there is an old song by Three Dog Night I like by the name of “Easy to Be Hard”.  I would argue it is also “Easy [for us all] to be Nice”.   It is a choice you and I make each day.

Wishing YOU the happiest of holidays and for a healthy & prosperous New Year!

Greg Niemi

p.s., one last thought.  The best present we can give this year is to be present with those we are with.  Let’s all turn off our technology to be present and to love the ones we’re with.


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