How to use iPad for Presentations – Whether for Big Conferences or Small Sales Presentations

By Greg Niemi . April 15, 2014


I now deliver presentations at large conferences using my iPad ® rather than lugging along my laptop PC.  I also use my iPad when making one to one sales presentations.

I installed a free app called SlideShark ™  SlideShark enables you to present PowerPoint ® presentations from either your iPad or iPhone.App to Use iPad for PowerPoint

I installed their app on both my iPad & my iPhone which enables you to project your presentation from either your iPad or iPhone.  Or, use your iPhone as your remote to drive the presentation on your iPad.

Once you developed your PowerPoint you login to the SlideShark website to upload your presentation to SlideShark cloud.  Then wirelessly download your presentation from the SlideShark cloud to your iPad (by pressing the synch button within the app on your iPad).

Connect your iPad to a data projector using either a HDMI or VGA cable specific to your iPad.  Connect your iPhone to iPad via Bluetooth then use iPhone as the clicker to advance slides plus as a laser pointer providing you the freedom to move away from your iPad while presenting.

Another helpful tip is I place my apps for SlideShark, Music and Timer [Clock] right beside each other.  This makes it easy to switch between the three apps on one device without the rigmarole of having to fumble with multiple devices.

I have included below step by step set-up instructions* for you to use on the day of the presentation.  Practicing your set-up and use of your technology is as important as knowing your audience and rehearsing the delivery of your content.

Have a great presentation – your audience deserves it.  These simple presentation tips will help you look like a pro when delivering your presentations from your iPad.

Greg Niemi

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* Step by step set-up instructions at the time of your presentation.

  • Turn on Airplane mode on both your IPad and iPhone (so your presentation is not interrupted).
  • Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Turn Auto-Lock on your iPad to Never (just for the presentation)
  • Open SlideShark on both devices
  • Turn on Remote in both iPad and iPhone.
  • Choose Device on iPhone to connect Phone to iPad
  • Open Presentation on your iPad and you are ready to roll.
  • Flip between Music and Timer apps when doing activities.
  • Bring Back-up copy of your presentation jump drive and/or CD


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