How To Order: The Magic Pill ©

By Greg Niemi . August 20, 2013


Many have asked how to obtain your very own copy of The Magic Pill ©.  It’s easy; you order direct from me, we arrange payment and I will ship it to you.

The Magic Pill:  13 Lessons for Business Success

The Magic Pill © is a collection of 13 lessons to help you build a better business regardless of size or industry.How To Order:  The Magic Pill 

Each chapter, has a short story, 13 short stories in all, on the best of (and some of the worst of) practices based upon my extensive business development and leadership experience. 

The Magic Pill © has been written in an anecdotal, fable-like format set in a mythical small town.  Each chapter begins with a story followed by a practical business lesson to implement.  

In The Magic Pill © you will learn lessons from the village coffee shop, the bait shop, the chamber, of course the tavern and more … on topics such as image, reputation management, marketing, customer service, asset management, people management, business profitability and more. 

The Magic Pill © is fun to read and the chapters can be read in any order depending on what is most important to you. The Magic Pill:  How Top Order

It is too often the case that the simplest of things in business get overlooked or unnecessarily overly-complicated.  This book is my way of simplifying the over complicated.  That is The Magic Pill ©.  

Ordering Instructions 

At present I am the author, illustrator, publisher, printer and distributor :-).  Oh, and chief promoter too!  My book is currently in a bound manuscript from.  Well done like a workbook. 

The price is $40.00 or $47.50 flat rate which INCLUDES the bound manuscript, postage, packaging & handling, sales tax, my autograph plus there is a value-added prize inside when you finish reading.  I also reserve a portion of the sales price to donate to a few of my favorite causes. 

Order Now 

Please email if you would like to have your very own autographed copy of The Magic Pill ©, and we will ship one (or more) to you right away.  Please provide your address and your preferred method of payment. 

Greg Niemi 

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