How To Find A Reputable Contractor

By Greg Niemi . November 1, 2016

As homeowners, we are often faced with the dilemma of how best to find a reputable contractor.  Should I get multiple bids, make sure they are licensed, bonded, insured, trained and certified.  Should I do other background checks?  Years in business?  What else?

This process of due diligence is common when choosing any type of professional service provider.  As a former CEO of large contracting organization, I would like to share three R’s of How To Find A Reputable Contractor.

Recommendations – There is no better resource than the recommendations and referrals of others based upon their first-hand experience, whether it is a recommendation from you, your family, your friends, your neighbors or co-workers. You can also ask others you trust – other contractors you’ve had a positive experience with, your insurance agent, banker, accountant, associations or local chamber.

Reviews & Ratings – Today we can search for most anything on-line simply by typing a phrase in our search engine or speaking into our smart device.

I typed the title of my article in my search engine and it returned more than 39 million results.  39 million+.  Oh my, so now where do I turn?On Line Search for Reputable Contractors

On-line listings and review sites may be very beneficial, yet may also be suspect because many contractors pay to advertise on the very sites providing the reviews.  When in doubt, see number 1 above.

Reputation – Remember when, back in the day, we used to turn to the yellow pages.  Such printed listings or on-line listing services can be of help when you have no idea on who to call or in an emergency predicament.

Yet, we need to be aware that the advertising game back in the day and today is the same – which is to appear at the top of this list in paid advertising, search engines, key words, SEO, PPC, etc.

Yet we also know, word of mouth reputation is 10X more reliable than paid advertising.  Nothing precedes anyone more than their public reputation.  Again, so when in doubt, see number 1 – take the time to seek the recommendations of others.

Interesting twist.  Here is a thought to the contrary.  Who knows, the very best contractor could come knocking on your door.  Not all door knockers are “scam artists or “storm chasers”.  There are very reputable companies who use this traditional marketing approach.  Just be sure to check them out, as you would any other.

The fact is, most contractors (and other professional service organizations) will take care of you by providing quality work at a competitive price.  It is the few, in most any profession, who spoil it for the others.

Greg Niemi


p.s., I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with thousands of contractors throughout my career and I am impressed with their immense knowledge of their craft and their dedication to service and support our communities.

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