By Greg Niemi . January 16, 2013

The best rule of thumb for how to hire the very best business advisor, guide, consultant or personal coach.  I will begin with a personal story to illustrate.

Many know that one of my favorite hobbies is to snowmobile.  I have been riding snowmobiles since I was about ten years old.  As a result, I am pretty good at riding one.  However, even with my advanced level of ability, I am regularly coached and guided by an even better rider who is a former pro in the sport.

The neat thing about snowmobiling is that it connects one with nature and provides a huge adrenaline rush at the very same time.  It also is an inherently dangerous motorsport.  What you would not want to have happen is to be stranded in a treacherous situation in below freezing, or worse yet sub-zero, temperatures.  You shouldn’t ever go it alone.  And, if it is your first ride, you should be guided by an expert who has been there and done it before.

My guide is local to the area I snowmobile in.  He is like a native guide who knows the area like the back of his hand – he knows all the trails, the lakes, the woods, the swamps and all the crooks and cranneys deep into the back country.  Better yet, In addition to being a recreational rider, he was also previously a highly successful professional racing driver.   Because of all of these experiences he knows the area and how a snowmobile operates inside and out.

How to Hire a Professional Guide

1971 & 1972 WORLD CHAMPION

My snowmobile guide’s name is Mike Trapp.  Mike was the first ever two-time, back to back, world champion in the hay days of racing.  He was a factory driver who has raced all over the world and has won just about every race that has ever been ran.  He is a true “who’s who”, a hall of famer and a legend in the sport.  Mike is to the sport of snowmobiling as Mario is to auto racing.

Mike humbly refers to himself as H.B.W.C. (Has Been World Champion). Although he no longer races he can ride a snowmobile at a level far beyond most could never attain.  His snowmobile is like an appendage, an extension of his body.  When he rides it all looks so natural and effortless.  And, when he turns it on, there is no keeping up with him.  Like all pros, he rides at such an elite skill level that is alien (or superhuman) to most of us.

I cannot think of a better guide to have.  And the lesson within my story is self- evident.   The best rule of thumb for how to hire the best guide or advisor is to hire a professional who “has been there, done that” before.  This rule of thumb is as true for your business as it is for snowmobiling, golf, white water rafting or whatever.  For your business it is far better to hire a H.B.C.E.O. versus someone who never has been or never will be.How To Hire A Professional Business Advisor

This is why when you are looking to hire someone to help you with your leadership you need not look any further.  Greg Niemi has been at the top of the game in his business leadership and is willing to share his success.

Please contact me today to explore further.

Greg Niemi

* p.s., I am also fortunate that my snowmobile guide happens to be married to my sister.  I am forever proud and grateful to Mike.   Thank you Mike for all you do for me, our family and the sport of snowmobiling.

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