By Greg Niemi . December 13, 2012

If you are wishing you had a better culture, you can :-).  A strong company culture does not happen by serendipity (e.g., accidently or unexpectedly).  A highly desirable culture isPositive Work Culture Takes Heart, Ideal Culture, Niemi Trust to be designed and nurtured to develop the way we wish.

We can design and create any type of culture we want.  Whether or not we have a design – we do have a culture.  However, is it the culture we want?  We create ideal culture by being very deliberate in our people processes, not by leaving such a vital matter to happenstance!

What I know is a culture, like a brand, is shaped by everything we do within our companies.  A culture, like our brand, is very systemic.  It is engrained in the woodwork and surrounds everything.  Your people represent your culture and brand from the inside-out.  Said another way, your culture is laid out on a platter in plain sight every day to your customers.

We know customers care to do business with those who care about what they do.  Furthermore, customers love to do business with those who love what they do.  Our culture, like a brand, needs to emit a visceral emotion, a good vibe.

What I know, above all, is that we as CEOs and business leaders shape the emotions in our environments.  We are the Chief Environmental Officer.  We create the climate and stir the winds within our companies whether the direction of the wind is a positive tailwind or a negative headwind.

I am most frequently told by those who know me best that my core strength is leading people.  That I have the unique ability to unify people to rally behind a common purpose and vision.  I have to admit just repeating this makes me smile. I am proud to say that I am a builder of high performance teams, cultures and organizations.

In summary, I am advocating to you that to have a great culture we need to have a great design – a well-defined people management process much like we have for our customer service processes.  A complete design for how we attract, recruit, qualify, hire, develop, nurture, measure, performance manage, reward and retain (or not).  Culture embodies all of these processes.

What we know is a strong culture, with highly engaged employees, contributes to an extremely handsome bottom line.  I have experienced this firsthand.

Please know I would be happy to assist you, as a trusted advisor and architect, to create the design of the ideal culture you may so desire.  Call me without delay to discuss what the Niemi Trust can do for you in 2013.  Thank you.


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