By Greg Niemi . November 16, 2012

Greg's Plan for Your FutureMy plan is to share with you all that has led to my success.  I have experienced great success as a business leader, and as a student of business, over my past 30+ years.  I have a knack for leading people and creating high performance organizations.

In addition to my own success I’ve also contributed to the success of many others.  I’ve witnessed a number of small, and some pretty big, mistakes.  My goal is to be an emissary of best practices that have worked for me, firsthand.  To shoot straight with you as a business leader with no bull and no fluff.   To be your trusted business advisor.

My personal plan all along has been to wind it down and then wind it back up part way.  To be income earning for about 40% of my time, to give freely of 40% of my time for foundational goodwill efforts and to reserve the remaining 20% purely for my own hobbies and play.

The first 40% of my plans would not come as too much of a surprise.  My desire is to do a few exclusive gigs as a business advisor to remain engaged in business and productive in life.  My business plans are as simple as A-B-C:

A)  As a business Advisor I will do 1, maybe 2, more in-depth engagements with a client or two (on a retainer of course), and /or,

B)  As a Board member I will serve on 2 to 3 boards (compensated of course) or advise others on how to develop their advisory boards, and / or,

C) As a Content developer I will develop content for blogs, my website, other consultants plus write a business book or two (fee based of course).

Foundation:  In addition, to the above, I will give freely of my experience by giving in-kind donations of my time and expertise.  My bias in giving will be business guidance to those from a small town, a small school and/or small business.  Furthermore, it is my desire to help raise the business and personal financial literacy of our youth (and maybe a few adults too) along the way.

Motorsports:  I am reserving 20% of my time to dabble in a few motorsport ventures of my own interest which involve boats, cars and snowmobiles.  Plus, at the same time, enjoy plenty of personal time out on the lake, scooting down a curvy road or riding the winter trails deep in the northwoods.

How you can help:  Is quite simple.  The Niemi Trust has great talent with limited resources.  The Niemi Trust is me.  I would like to be your trusted business advisor.

Let’s talk so I can be of service to YOU.  Simply call me, or email, to schedule a time that is convenient for you to talk.  Or, please refer me to someone you know who would benefit from my services and experience.

Thank you!


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