GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Expecting Too Much versus Not Expecting Enough

By Greg Niemi . November 11, 2015

Accountability fundamentally begins with having goals.  So how do we know when goals are set too high versus too low?

This article is to reconcile the conundrum between having too high of expectations versus too unreasonable of expectations.

I will answer this with a story… by sharing a mammoth lesson from one of the world’s smallest insects; a flea.

A flea can jump 200 times its own height.

If you place a flea in a mason jar it will jump right out of the jar (until you put the lid on).Great Leaders Expect Great Things

Once you cover the jar an amazing phenomenon begins to happen.

After a short while you can take the lid off and the flea won’t jump out.

What happened is the flea learned not to jump too high.  It still had the ability but was re-programmed to learn not to jump so high so not to bang its head on the lid.

This story illustrates that it is far better to have high expectations rather than too low.  Great leaders have great expectations.  And, so do our people – they want to do great things.

I shared this same story in a recent webcast.  Follow this link if you would like to see and hear the audio / video from this webcast.

Goal setting and setting expectations is a collaborative process.  Enable your people to perform to their full potential.  Allow them to set the bar high and then bet on them versus against them.

Take the lid off 🙂

Greg Niemi

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