Got Vision? Need Help Telling Your Story?

By Greg Niemi . November 20, 2013

Visual Roadmap Workshop Toolkit

A visual roadmap is a powerful tool to help you tell your story, to articulate your vision clearly, to get all of your employees and key stakeholders on board and excited about the future of your organization. 

Nothing is more powerful than a visual to pump up a business plan (or personal life plan) to excite and incite others into action. 

 “Greg Niemi is a man known for drawing maps and how to draw people together towards a common goal – TF”

I have developed this proprietary methodology based upon my very own success! And, I promise my exclusive visioning process will tap into your inner most vision and desires to create your very own customized roadmap. 

1)  Visioning Process           2) Expert Facilitation              3) Custom Roadmap

You can create your own vision and roadmap on your own or I can do it for you thru a simple consulting engagement.  By far the quickest and easiest way to get this done is to engage me.  You choose what is best for you! 

“Greg is a pro who immerses himself into your business to identify obstacles and how to overcome them – MB” 

There’s no advance preparation required on your part.  We will get together for a portion of a day at the place of your choosing.  By utilizing my process you will provide the input and I’ll deliver the output.  Voilà – Vision made easy! 

My visioning workshop includes all workbook materials, my proprietary process & visioning toolkit, plus expert facilitation that includes sharing of best practices by a proven authority in leadership and business development (me). 

The fee for this visioning process is a flat fee of (call or email) which includes everything mentioned above and more.  The fee excludes incidental expenses especially those incidental to travel and lodging (if travel is required). 

Please contact me today to reserve a date for your visioning session and to learn how you can save $300 using promo code VisionNow for workshops reserved prior to December 20, 2013. 

Greg Niemi 

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