Giving Back To Pay It Forward

By Greg Niemi . October 17, 2013

Quick pitch for us to carefully select our causes, choose the ways and budget the amounts we wish to give whether a gift of our time, money or special talents. 

What does giving have to do with business; a lot!!! 

First of all, as business leaders, we are here to serve our communities and improve the world around us.  We do this first, and foremost, by providing our value-added products and services.  Beyond this charitable giving is an additional way to improve our communities by giving back to “pay it forward”. Giving Back To Pay It Forward

“You can pay back only seldom but you can always pay it forward” Ralph Waldo Emerson (as quoted by Woody Hayes)  

Giving perpetuates humanity and #socialgood.  And, giving perpetuates YOU – whether in the form of a small act of kindness or a larger gift of time, money or volunteering specific resources of your company.  

I will also assert that giving actually improves the top line and the bottom line of our businesses.  There can be no doubt giving improves the public perception of our companies by our employees, communities and customers. 

In my book The Magic Pill © I devoted the last chapter to Giving Back to share several examples of best practices for planned giving.  I chose this as the last chapter with great intention because giving brings us full circle to the beginning.  

Below are some the causes I chose to support through my business NIEMI TRUST in 2013: 

Light The Night . . . . . . .  . . Leukemia & Lymphoma
Mossy Foot Project  . . . . . . Podoconiosis (Africa)
MTH Foundation  . . . .. . . . Carcinoid Neuroendocrine
Nexstar Legacy Foundation  . . . . Scholarships for those in the trades
Polar Splash . . . . . . . . . . . . Special Olympics
Second Harvest . . .. . . . . . . Hunger Relief, food shelves
Snowmobile Hall of Fame . Showcases the sport of snowmobiling
Sons of The American Legion . . . . To honor my father who was a true patriot

It is important to state that giving is a choice, not an obligation.  We make the choice and I advocate being selective and planned with our giving.     

I encourage you, plus thank you, for making the choice to give back to pay it forward. 

Greg Niemi 

© 2013 NIEMI TRUST, LLC – All rights reserved.

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