By Greg Niemi . June 26, 2013

This blog is to wish all my friends and colleagues a very happy and safe 4th of July.  Let’s celebrate independents, yes I meant independents, as well as the independence we all have the right to enjoy. 

The 4th of July is a timely reminder to cherish all the liberties we have which are frequently overlooked and easily taken for granted (e.g., our livelihood, safety, security, retirement, health, etc.).US Flag  

The foresight of our forefathers provided us with these liberties.  Battles were fought and declarations for people’s rights were written into powerful and timeless documents which guide us to this very day.  

Yes, unfortunately, some abuse these rights.  And, oh so many times, there are polarized positions taken surrounding the price of liberty;  whether we are over or under regulated and more (e.g., gun control, national security, call & email monitoring, immigration, foreign trade, etc.)  However, we at least can argue and debate these positions to find some healthy balance.  

We can tell a joke without political persecution.  We can choose our chosen occupation.  Or we can change it.  We can enjoy safe and humane working conditions.  We have an abundance of food and clean water.  Our county is strong and secure.  We can at least worry about whether we have saved enough for our retirement.  Be fortunate you can complain about weather and other like minutia (which my niece refers to as first world problems). 

Heck, I even get to write this blog and you have the choice of whether you read it or not.  In my opinion the cost of US wages, benefits and taxes are worth all the above freedoms and so many more.  

Furthermore, I have a soft spot and a deep respect for the independent business person.  Why?  Because they had the guts and determination to first get into business.  They believed in a better way and set out to prove it.  The fact is all businesses started out as an independent at one time or another. 

Whether you work for an independently owned or a publically held organization I ask we pay respect to the founders of our organizations as well as our nation.  Our founders may not be perfect.  However, they are bold and courageous. 

This fourth, as I do every fourth, I will fly the flag to pay respect to our founders who took the first footsteps to provide us with the independence we are so fortunate to enjoy. 


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