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By Greg Niemi . November 15, 2012

Greg Niemi

I always knew what I would do when I retired.  I told just about everyone my plan was not to have a plan (which is unlike me).  But instead my plan was to take the time to develop a plan (which is not unlike me).

Even this plan changed quickly as my dad had soon passed away unexpectedly (see prior blog).  It was then, after he passed, I turned my attention to myself.  To explore what I want to do for my next chapter, the best years of my life, after my full time career.  Because I know my work is not done.

There were things I knew I wanted to do right away.  Books in the stack I had saved to read.  Audios I wanted to listen too.  Videos I wanted to watch.  I also wanted to improve my diet plus engage in more healthy activities.  And take the time to dream and scheme what I want to do next all at the very same time.

So I created what I called my daily “Greg process”.  A very introspective process.   A daily regimen that incorporated what I wanted to do.   I knew if I did not to build this into my daily structure there would be a good chance it would not happen.  I knew I had to be very deliberate plus measure my progress.

Each day, to this very day, begins with affirmations, then listenings, readings, watchings along with a healthy dose of walking, biking, or recreating.  I take time each day to dream and scheme about what I want to do next.  I created a vision board & mini-business plans to carry it out.  Soon I added writings to the mix, developed a story board to organize all my thoughts and then I even wrote a book.

I have measured everything throughout because I believe in the power of measurement for personal accountability.  I have made great progress on my dreams in short time.  My vital health stats are the best they have been probably since high school.  I firmly believe we can all do whatever we choose to set out to do.

My plan was not to have a plan but to take time to put together a plan.  Which I did and am glad I did.  More on what I plan to do next in my very next blog.

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