By Greg Niemi . November 6, 2015

How often and how much should I communicate the direction of our company?Best Practices for Communicating Vision & Direction

Research shows that Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers alike, all desire confidence that the company has a Vision / Direction for the future and a plan to get there.

Furthermore, research shows that the #1 thing leaders are supposed to do is orchestrate the Vision of the Company.

These two facts combined build the case for the importance of creating and communicating a shared Vision.  And what we know as leaders is we simply cannot communicate enough.

This article highlights excerpts of best practices I recently shared in my recent webcast:

Communication Plan:  Different content is communicated at different intervals and the length of the content decreases with the frequency.  Annually we communicate Vision, Mission, Values and Goals.  Quarterly we report progress versus plan using KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for Company’s, Teams and Individuals.  Monthly we … etc.  Follow this link for the illustration I shared of a Communication Plan.

Communication Pattern:  The best companies, both large and small, have company-wide meetings on a regular basis (using a variety of platforms).  Again, no worries, the length of the meeting decreases with the frequency.  The most effective meetings are participant-centered versus leader-centered.

Communication Rules of Thumb:  Everyone gets about the same information at the same time.  We communicate from the head and the heart (the what and the why).  Plus we use our ears; we ask questions, listen and respond accordingly.

You may follow this link to the recording which will guide you further thru the above.

These simple best practices foster collaboration, teamwork, employee engagement and are the building blocks to creating and communicating a shared Direction.

Greg Niemi

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