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Tammy Ferris Testimonial

By Greg Niemi . November 9, 2012

I could tell a lot of stories about you . . . But, I’ll tell the one about a man who had a vision about a little organization now called Nexstar. The story of a man who transformed this small

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Scott Nelson Testimonial

By Greg Niemi .

I thank you for your indefatigable efforts.  I came away from each of our [weekly calls] incrementally smarter.I learned most from your organizational, planning and preparation skills.  I do not remember a meeting where you were not immaculately prepared.What I

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John Edson Testimonial

By Greg Niemi . November 8, 2012

Greg is a tremendous leader, in fact he is probably the best leader I have ever worked with. He empowers his people to make decisions and develop new ideas. He has demonstrated that he can lead a firm to grow

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Ed Wolfe, Jr. Testimonial

By Greg Niemi . November 7, 2012

You are on a very short list of people I think of when I consider unconditional trust and an unwavering commitment to a cause. With limited resources but, abounding energy and enthusiasm you created financial discipline, stability in a time

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Tony Flaminio Testimonial

By Greg Niemi . November 6, 2012

Greg is the epitome of extraordinary leadership, vision, motivation, and friendship. Greg developed a results-oriented culture of high achievement, high accountability, and much fun! I’d go to battle with him and for him anytime. – Tony Flaminio, Nexstar, Inc., Little

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Frank Blau, Jr. Testimonial

By Greg Niemi . November 5, 2012

Greg is a passionate, sincere, pro-active leader who has the ability to peer into the future. Greg is responsible for some of the most innovative educational programs I have been a recipient of. Greg is a very wise individual who

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Bill Raymond Testimonial

By Greg Niemi . November 4, 2012

You possess an amazing blend of skills so rare and so hard to find. Leadership, vision, and management savvy mixed with a sincere and caring heart that is a recipe for results. Results measured in business and the impact you

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Marla Coffin Testimonials

By Greg Niemi . November 3, 2012

I can tell you with certainty that Greg possesses all the qualities that make for a great leader. He vividly painted a vision for all, brought a wealth of knowledge from finance to project management and a sense of humor

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Keith Broyles Testimonial

By Greg Niemi . November 1, 2012

I want to say special thanks to Greg Niemi. If not for Greg accepting the position when he did things would not be as awesome as they are today. Again special thanks for the above and beyond professional service that

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