LEADING THRU CHANGE: How To Deal With Resistance

By Greg Niemi . November 22, 2015

  It is inevitable we must deal with resistance, whether internally or externally, when leading through change, business transformations or other major initiatives. We have a choice to (i) be overcome by the resistance or (ii) overcome the resistance. Of

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FOCUS: What Should I Be Working ON Right Now?

By Greg Niemi . October 22, 2015

How do I balance my short term demands along with my with long term priorities? The quick answer is to remain focused.  Have clarity on what you should be working ON right now and be okay with saying NOT NOW

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20+ Leadership Best Practices In 4 Workshops

By Greg Niemi . October 9, 2015

A friendly reminder that my Leadership Transformation Workshop series launches this Wednesday, October 14th. During this 4 part workshop series I deliver well over twenty proven Leadership Best Practices. There are a few spots remaining and I would recommend getting yours now.

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By Greg Niemi . September 1, 2015

I just completed my webcast series on Leadership Transformation  and it was rated a huge success. I wanted to deliver on my promise and the evaluations from the participants said that I did.  THANK YOU !!! 100% of the registrants

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By Greg Niemi . December 9, 2014

  The speech by Dr. Martin Luther King we remember is “I have a Dream”, not “I have a plan” according to leadership expert Mr. Simon Sinek. I couldn’t agree more.  As I work with business leaders and owners I help

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Trends In Executive Leadership

By Greg Niemi . October 7, 2014

“The most successful organizations will be those with leaders who can create a compelling vision and can convey it to others [e.g., customers, employees and other stakeholders]”. This has been cited as the single most important capability needed in the

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How To Hold Yourself Accountable?

By Greg Niemi . September 30, 2014

  I have been asked to write an article on this topic a number of times.  How to hold yourself accountable is indeed a interesting and somewhat provocative question. What we know is there is a lot beneath the surface

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What Leaders Are Supposed To Do

By Greg Niemi . April 24, 2014

  What are leader’s supposed to do.  In a nutshell – lead, provide direction – to be “heads up” on the look out over the horizon for opportunities and obstacles which are ahead? The following was presented at an event

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Pay Attention to Your Scale

By Greg Niemi . April 1, 2014

  How are you progressing with your resolutions (and goals) for 2014?  Are you on your plan?  And, are you measuring against your plan – both the activities and the results? These are simple yet very powerful questions. A.  If

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Got Vision? Need Help Telling Your Story?

By Greg Niemi . November 20, 2013

A visual roadmap is a powerful tool to help you tell your story, to articulate your vision clearly, to get all of your employees and key stakeholders on board and excited about the future of your organization.  Nothing is more

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