By Greg Niemi . February 21, 2018

Being a true entrepreneur requires a ton of daily discipline and faith.  And, many would also say a degree of insanity. The “freedom” to be your own boss is so misunderstood.  Yes, there may be no one telling you, or

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How To Find A Reputable Contractor

By Greg Niemi . November 1, 2016

As homeowners, we are often faced with the dilemma of how best to find a reputable contractor.  Should I get multiple bids, make sure they are licensed, bonded, insured, trained and certified.  Should I do other background checks?  Years in

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TAKING CARE OF HEARTS, while taking care of business

By Greg Niemi . February 9, 2016

  Truth is, whatever our occupation or business is, we ALL impact and change people’s lives. Love your customers and they will love you back.  We do this first by showing care and by loving what we do.  To be passionate

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LEADING THRU CHANGE: How To Deal With Resistance

By Greg Niemi . November 22, 2015

  It is inevitable we must deal with resistance, whether internally or externally, when leading through change, business transformations or other major initiatives. We have a choice to (i) be overcome by the resistance or (ii) overcome the resistance. Of

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GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Expecting Too Much versus Not Expecting Enough

By Greg Niemi . November 11, 2015

Accountability fundamentally begins with having goals.  So how do we know when goals are set too high versus too low? This article is to reconcile the conundrum between having too high of expectations versus too unreasonable of expectations. I will

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By Greg Niemi . November 6, 2015

How often and how much should I communicate the direction of our company? Research shows that Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers alike, all desire confidence that the company has a Vision / Direction for the future and a plan

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FOCUS: What Should I Be Working ON Right Now?

By Greg Niemi . October 22, 2015

How do I balance my short term demands along with my with long term priorities? The quick answer is to remain focused.  Have clarity on what you should be working ON right now and be okay with saying NOT NOW

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20+ Leadership Best Practices In 4 Workshops

By Greg Niemi . October 9, 2015

A friendly reminder that my Leadership Transformation Workshop series launches this Wednesday, October 14th. During this 4 part workshop series I deliver well over twenty proven Leadership Best Practices. There are a few spots remaining and I would recommend getting yours now.

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By Greg Niemi . September 1, 2015

I just completed my webcast series on Leadership Transformation  and it was rated a huge success. I wanted to deliver on my promise and the evaluations from the participants said that I did.  THANK YOU !!! 100% of the registrants

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BEST PRACTICES IN LEADERSHIP (For Every Business Owner & Entrepreneur)

By Greg Niemi . June 17, 2015

  Following are highlights of the Best Practices in Leadership I shared in the webinar earlier today. Show gratitude: “Everything begins and ends with THANK YOU – Jim Shultz”.  Everyone likes to be appreciated – customers, employees, shareholders and even ourselves. We have a

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