By Greg Niemi . February 21, 2018

Being a true entrepreneur requires a ton of daily discipline and faith.  And, many would also say a degree of insanity.

The “freedom” to be your own boss is so misunderstood.  Yes, there may be no one telling you, or yelling at you, what to do.  BUT, to be a truly successful entrepreneur requires a lot of discipline – telling yourself what to do from the time you get up in the morning to the time you go to bed.  Good decisions and disciplines every single day.

There is no easy straight-line path to success yet there are easy choices.  To do the right things.  To do what you said you were going to do.  To be impeccable to your word. To do what is important, not just busyness.  And, to instill in one’s self the daily regimen to improve every day, no matter how minute the improvement is.  Just one more …

Let’s face it, as your own boss, you are the captain at the helm.  You will either steer your craft onto a good trajectory or you will auger it straight into the ground.  I do not mean to be blunt or dramatic, just saying it like it is.  You know this as much as I do.

Do the right things and good things will follow.

I have so much respect for the entrepreneur.  I have the distinct pleasure to coach, consult, serve and learn from so many independent business owners within so many different industries.  I am learning from the best (and I even learn from the not so best).I Am An Entrepreneur

Here is what I respect most.  First, are their sheer guts.  The chutzpah it took to first hang out their shingle with their name on it.  All began under-capitalized yet it is what they do with what they have – a true bootstrap mindset to make the best of what they have.

Second, is their faith.  Their belief that there is a better way, their way, for things to be done.  And, if they listened to others, they would have never gotten into the business in the first place.  Maybe this is the insanity however, I would call it their conviction.

Third, is determination.  Literally, thousands of curve balls and decisions are being thrown at them by so many forces.  There are hundreds of reasons to close their doors but they don’t.  They get back up and brush themselves off.  They see through the tornado of situations flying around them and see the way out.  Many times, by asking for the help of others (who have been through it before).

Fourth, is discipline.  We all know what this is.  We all can use more.  The discipline to do the right things [for you] whether it is your health, your career, your finances, your relationships or your business.  The discipline to make healthy choices.  To do the right thing every day, no matter how big or small, even when nobody is watching.

Truth is, we are all entrepreneurs.  We are all our own boss.  Whether it is in our household, our careers or our own body.  We all need to make healthy choices or we put ourselves on a path of self-destruction.  Again, my intent is not to be overly blunt or dramatic; yet, I do wish to say it the way it is.  The freedom to speak frankly.

We are masters of our own domains.  We are our own bosses.

And, what we know, is tomorrow will be either a little bit better or a little bit worse, depending on what we decide to do today.  Whittle, whittle and …

Incremental steps lead to huge improvements.

I am cheering you on, as I am asking you to cheer me on, to have the guts, faith, determine and discipline to do what is right and best each and every day.

With love and respect,

Greg Niemi

Business Coach & Mentor

p.s., I know it has been quite a while since I’ve written a blog and I’m okay with that (and I think you have been too).  It was fun to pick up the pen and write the above.  I like to see others succeed.  And, I sincerely encourage us to cheer each other on.

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