By Greg Niemi . December 17, 2014

All I want for Christmas is … health and happiness for all of my friends and family.

The importance of health and happiness became all the more relevant with the illness of our dear friend Richard Moyle.

We are now T-30 days from the benefit event and we’re planning a good one.

Overall, we’re so close to the goals we set.  Yet we need to ask for a little more help to achieve those goals and bring a huge smile to Richard and Diane.Health & Happiness

Donations In Kind – We are a mere $5,000 shy of the tall goal we first set which puts us at 90%, so let’s make it 100%+.  You may donate on-line or by mailing a check directly to the bank.

Raffle Tickets – We’ve already sold 2/3 of our raffle tickets which means we have 1/3 remaining.  We have great prizes:  $1,000 Cash, 50” HDTV and 10” Samsung Tablet.  The odds are better than the lottery and so is our cause.  Tickets are 5 for $20.

Benefit Event – Lots of planning has been taking place to prepare for all the Food, Fun and Fundraising we’ll be doing on January 17th.  Join us for some camaraderie, Taco Bar, Silent Auction and other fundraising games.  Those who pre-purchase the event ticket (versus at the door) will be entered into a special drawing.

Please help us achieve our goals by making a donation (or an added donation), by purchasing raffle tickets, by donating a silent auction item and/or by attending the benefit event.

Kindly press “share” to help spread this message.  THANK YOU on behalf of Richard & Diane.

Wishing you and all those in your families the best of health, happiness and prosperity into the New Year.

Greg Niemi

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