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By Greg Niemi . August 13, 2013

Have you ever met someone who always blames their problems on someone, or something else?  Meet Jack. 

In chapter 10 of The Magic Pill © Jack is up to his usual antics.  This time he is raising a ruckus because the town council is enforcing an ordinance he had violated.  It is no surprise to anyone in The Village that Jack is complaining about how unfair he’s been treated. 

Jack is skirting accountability in his usual manner by blaming others.  So how do you hold someone like Jack accountable?  First you create a system and a culture of accountability. 

We also met Maria earlier in Chapter 9 of The Magic Pill ©.  Maria has created a company culture that is to be envied.  All of her employees love what they do and who they do it for.  You can feel the positive energy in Maria’s organization the instant you step through the front door. 

We see that Maria wants to be the best employer to work for – not just in her line of work but of any employer in the area.   And, furthermore, she has no problem holding all of her people accountable.  She runs a high performance company. 

You mean it is possible to have both; an environment where people love what they do and actually like to be held accountable too? 

A strong culture doesn’t happen by luck or accident.  Nor are strong cultures only possible for certain occupations. The Value Gap Image

A strong culture happens by design with great intention and care.  Create a deliberate design of processes for people management – executed consistently without exception. 

In The Magic Pill we learn how leaders shape and form an ideal culture plus have an environment of high accountability.  What we know is a strong culture, along with high accountability, contributes to an extremely handsome bottom line.  

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