Greg Niemi is a leading authority in leadership and business development. He is internationally known for building high performance teams and organizations by creating cultures with shared vision, common goals, high expectations and accountability.

Niemi is a visionary and has the ability to transform visions into reality. He leads clients through this process with a consultative demeanor, backed up by strong financial acumen.


Under his 12 years of leadership as President & CEO of Nexstar® Network, Niemi helped thousands of businesses succeed. He also achieved the highest level of client retention and satisfaction in the organization’s history. He was the chief architect to create a model of excellence for this business development and training organization backed with strong financial stability, employee productivity and satisfaction.


Greg Niemi has sat on both sides of the board table. He has diverse Board of Director experience, serving as a Board member and as a business leader reporting to the Board. Within his 21-year management career at Trane Air Conditioning, he led a change initiative that repeatedly brought him into the Board Room.

He also improved the structure of Nexstar’s Board of Directors to support its high performance. He created processes for on- boarding and governance (i.e., terms, tenure, roles, and compensation). He also played a key role in helping his clients, independent business owners, create their very own Personal Boards of Advisors.


In his book, The Magic Pill, Greg Niemi shows that the simplest of things in business get over looked or get unnecessarily overly complicated. In an anecdotal, fable-like format, the book simplifies the over complicated with a collection of 13 small town lessons for big business. It focuses on image, reputation management, asset management, people management, profitability and more. Each chapter is a short story on the best of (and perhaps some of the worst of) practices based Niemi’s leadership experience. And in true Niemi fashion, each chapter provides a practical lesson for implementation by the reader.


Life has come full circle for Greg. He was born into a family of small business owners, studied business, gained a breadth of business experience and now helps business leaders and owners of every size around the globe succeed.

Greg wants to help you and your business excel. View his services and call and ask him how he will help you.