A Time For Gratitude & Thanksgiving

By Greg Niemi . November 26, 2013


It was one year ago when I introduced my new venture the NIEMI TRUST® along with the launch of my new website www.niemitrust.com.   I write this blog to express my deepest gratitude to all who have supported me in my journey.Happy Anniversary & Happy Thanksgiving

I am fortunate and thankful to be doing today what I stated I wanted to do a year ago.  This is a good reminder of the importance of the laws of attraction and being clear on what we wish for.

In my email dated 11/27/12 I indicated my desire to remain engaged in business by being of service to just a few exclusive clients.  Below are excerpts from that email along with an update to report how I did:

“First, I would like to do a few in-depth exclusive engagement(s) with a select client or two (I have 2 retained clients plus have the capacity to serve 1 or 2 more).

Second, I would like to serve on a few boards of closely-held businesses (I currently serve on 2 boards and would like to serve on 1 more). 

And, third, to develop and author content for blogs (this is my 40th blog), create a website (done) plus finish the book I have been writing (first edition of The Magic Pill© is now available).” 

I am so very grateful to all my family, friends, colleagues and clients for their support and belief in me on this first anniversary.  THANK YOU!!!!

Please visit my website www.niemitrust.com if you haven’t already and  subscribe to receive my blogs via email.- A Happy Anniversary & Happy Thanksgiving

It is my desire to continue to do more of the above this next year.  I would appreciate if you would pass along my name, card and website to others who would benefit from my talent and experience.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Thank you for your continued support of my journey.

Greg Niemi

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