April 2014

What Leaders Are Supposed To Do

By Greg Niemi . April 24, 2014

  What are leader’s supposed to do.  In a nutshell – lead, provide direction – to be “heads up” on the look out over the horizon for opportunities and obstacles which are ahead? The following was presented at an event

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How to use iPad for Presentations – Whether for Big Conferences or Small Sales Presentations

By Greg Niemi . April 15, 2014

  I now deliver presentations at large conferences using my iPad ® rather than lugging along my laptop PC.  I also use my iPad when making one to one sales presentations. I installed a free app called SlideShark ™ www.slideshark.com. 

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Constructing a Winning Presentation

By Greg Niemi . April 8, 2014

  The best tip in constructing a winning presentation is to know your audience.  Below are a few helpful hints which have helped me be an accomplished speaker past and present. # 1 – WIIFM Answer the WIIFM question “What’s In

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Pay Attention to Your Scale

By Greg Niemi . April 1, 2014

  How are you progressing with your resolutions (and goals) for 2014?  Are you on your plan?  And, are you measuring against your plan – both the activities and the results? These are simple yet very powerful questions. A.  If

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