November 2013

A Time For Gratitude & Thanksgiving

By Greg Niemi . November 26, 2013

  It was one year ago when I introduced my new venture the NIEMI TRUST® along with the launch of my new website   I write this blog to express my deepest gratitude to all who have supported me in

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Got Vision? Need Help Telling Your Story?

By Greg Niemi . November 20, 2013

A visual roadmap is a powerful tool to help you tell your story, to articulate your vision clearly, to get all of your employees and key stakeholders on board and excited about the future of your organization.  Nothing is more

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“Small” Businesses Are The Backbone Of Our …

By Greg Niemi . November 16, 2013

  Small business owners may not be viewed as the pillar of our society but they are the bedrock of our communities.   There can be no debate that every business once started out small.  What is debated is what constitutes

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Words To Live By: Business Maxims from 1896

By Greg Niemi . November 5, 2013

I met this wonderful lady the other day and we got talking about why is it that some people don’t return phone calls, emails or do not show up for appointments?  That discussion reminded me of the following business maxims

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