October 2013

Giving Back To Pay It Forward

By Greg Niemi . October 17, 2013

Quick pitch for us to carefully select our causes, choose the ways and budget the amounts we wish to give whether a gift of our time, money or special talents.  What does giving have to do with business; a lot!!! 

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Media Crisis

By Greg Niemi . October 9, 2013

It would strike fear into most business leaders, world leaders or other public figures the moment they learned that the former Mike Wallace of CBS 60 Minutes has called and asked for an interview.   What would you do if 60

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

By Greg Niemi . October 2, 2013

If a natural disaster were imminent would your people know what to take with them plus where and when to meet up after?   Maintaining or restoring business operations a.s.a.p. after a disaster is mission critical.  The livelihoods of your customers,

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